Luftflotte West 1944 05 12 nr 19 (PDF)



Even this 4-engine U.S. Bomber had to come down when faced with a German fighter pilot; photo by war correspondent Guentzel … Three Knight Cross wearer in one machine: Oberleutnant Hogeback, Beobachter Oberfeldwebel Dittberger, Bordschuetze Oberfeldwebel Glasner, Bordfunker Oberfeldwebel Lehnert; photo by war correspondent Winkelmann … Bomber crew of Oberleutnant Bertram; photo by war correspondent Bretschneider … Cemetery for allied planes – melting them down for future use in German industry; photos by war correspondent Boger, story by Seiss … Spring on the eastern front, self propelled gun Hornisse; photos by war correspondents Joest, Meinhold and Speck … British bomber shot down, caught and investigated; picture of owhat he carried on him: french money, maps, civilian papers, small 3 language dictionary; photos by war correspondent Guentzel … German oxygen mask for high altitudes; photos by war correspondents Kestner … Feldpostnummer 12000!!! photo by war correspondent Dieck … Schloss Guttenberg – 16 pages