Luftflotte West 1944 02 18 nr 07 (PDF)



Night fighter before start; photo by war correspondent Helmut Grosse … Night hutning for allied bombers; das Revi … Commander Oberleutnant Kessel the raw model and example for others; photo by war correspondent Richard Wolff … Sepp Wurmheller – three planes down on first mission right after his recovery; photo by war correspondents Engelmann and Kestner … General Ludendorft speaks about the total war by Kurt Massmann … The total trust; German grenadiers riding on tanks somewhere on the east front; text by war correspondent Guenter Hergst, photo by Reher …Beauvias by Ogfr. Boesemann … Should a man marry during the war? by Oberstleutnant Dr. Ellenbeck … A photo of a German column somewhere on the wintery east front … Another allied bomber shot down; photos by war correspondents Lechleitner and Waske – 16 pages