Luftflotte West 1944 02 04 nr 05 (PDF)



Fighter group leader in talk with one of his pilots of this FW 190; photo by war correspondent Bankhardt … The unknown Channel-Fighter, FW 190’s over the English Channel; photos by war correspondent Gerhard Kirsch, photos by Bankhardt and Seuffert … Flugsicherungschiff X hilft – Pilot sea rescue ship during rescue mission; photos by war correspondent Kestner … The fourth man on board: Oberfeldwebel Glasner is the first plane gunner to receive the Knight Cross; story by war correspondent Dr. Harald Jansen; photo by Ofw. Mummeshohl … Nachtjaeger – night-fighter behind a frozen plane; story by war correspondent Dr. Harald Jansen, photo by Siedel … St. Malo – the corsair town … Photos of German tanks on the wintery eastern front and captured British allies troops; photos by war correspondents Boettger and Scheerer – 16 pages