Luftflotte West 1944 01 28 nr 04 (PDF)



Do 24; the rescuer for sea disasters; is being lower on water by a crane; photo by war correspondent Boese … Richthofen-Geschwader 2000 victorious: Major Wick, Oblt. Wurmheller, Hauptmann Buehligen, Major Mayer, Major Oesau, Kommodore Balthasar; story by Karlheinz Seiss; photos by Boback, Fischer, Horster, Meinhold … The great fight on the east front; story by Alfred Rosenberg, photo by war correspondent Rheinlaender … Rain of bombs over England; story by war correspondent Helmut Jacobsen … 700 freezing flights by Dipl. Ing. Konrad Pernthaler … Les-Saintes-Maries by war correspondent Dr. Wilhelm Sandfuchs; photos by Bankhardt … German zip codes: Postleitzahl … Picture of an American plane turret in the woods which owner was shot down during the 11th of Januar; photo by war correspondents Fromm and Schilling … German Fallschirmjaeger and Granadiers resisting allied troops in Italy – 16 pages