Luftflotte West 1943 09 17 nr 37 (PDF)




In the tail of Do 214, the board mechanics looks out from enemy fighters attacking from below; photo by war correspondent Niemeyer

We make MONEY – the USA methods, a photo of shot down US bomber with A letter on tail and numbers 23190; story by war correspondent Gerhard Kirch; photo by Buentzel and Meinhold

Making things clear in the South: German troops take over terrain previously held by the Italian troops

Comrades we are coming for you; story by war correspondent Oskar Peter Brandt; photos by Roeder and Pfuelb

The sound of death over the front: German Stukas in combat; story by war correspondent Hans R. Ertz, photos by Grosse and Paetzold

Hunt after the bacterias; story and photos by war correspondent Dietrich

Small iron rations by Oberstleutnant Richard Euringer

Urlaub 1943 by Richard Euringer

Marguerite Gautier by war correspondent Ernst Kammerer

A photo of a German soldier entertaining gees by well camouflaged 88; photo by war correspondent Rheinlaender

A quick view of a German counterattack on the east front