Luftflotte West 1943 09 10 nr 36 (PDF)



16 pages
New young recruits are answering the call!; photo by war correspondent Boger
Victorious hunter over the Channel: Oberfeldwebel Adolf Glunz, Jagdgeschwader 26, receives congratulations from Oberstleutnant Priller; text by war correspondent Graewe, photos by Grawe as well
Four men under umbrella: flying Do217 under cloud cover; Bretagne; text by war correspondent Jacobsen; photos by Schall and Spieth
Glorious chapter of a Flak Division on the East Front; text by war correspondent P.W. Boehr, photos by Hoffmann, Mayer and Siedel
Two castles – Two prisons: Insell-Kuppe; text by war correspondent Serocka
What a soldier must know; text by Hauptmann Otto Brues
20000 bottle corks in one day; text by war correspondent Walter Serocka, photos by Boger
The won bet; text by Wilhelm Schaefer
Article about Bretagne by Walter Serocka
Bunker-still life; photo by war correspondent Pauli
Major Kluemper (Kriegsmarine) received Knights Cross
General der Flieger Korten; photo by war correspondent Bankhardt
Photos from homeland