Luftflotte West 1943 09 03 nr 35 (PDF)




Soldiers from a Luftwaffe field division manning one of the AT guns; photo by war correspondent Zwirn

2000th long range recon missions flown; photo by war correspondent Boger

Game with death; story by war correspondent Helmut Jacobsen, photo by Kuhn

Luftwaffen-Felddivision – German Air force division; photos by war correspondent Hagen

The home land and the fron are one; text by war correspondent Richard Wolff, photos by Scheerer and Hoffmann

Marseille _ the port town of golden Madonna; text by war correspondent Walter Serocka, photos by Boger and Schoedl

Marriage during wartime; text by Manfred Hausmann

His latest model; (Leibl), text by Eduard Thorn

Der Ueberfall; text by Lorenz Strobl, photo by war correspondent Horn

German soldiers offering a cigarette to a lost Russian horse; photo by war correspondent Dietrich

German grenadiers resting after heavy fighting; Armed “forhead” of Me 110; photos by war correspondents Doege and Ohmeyer

Photos from homeland