Luftflotte West 1943 07 30 nr 30 (PDF)




This four-engine US bomber was shot down by a German fighter somewhere over the Chanel (A letter on tail with numbers 28190); photo by war correspondent Hagen

The fighter and its pray: German fighters of JG 2 “Richthofen” and its victims, another US bomber shot down (tail number 124589); Hauptmann Buehligen; text by war correspondent Karlheinz Seiss; photos by Brandt, Doelfs, Kuehne

German troops battle the Soviets; Oberfeldwebel Hubert Strassl with 25 victories on the East Front; photos by war correspondents Klose, Rheinlander, Stobel, Utecht and Zschakel

Otto von Bismarck by Dr. Helmut Vielau

Building plane models from wood which are used to tech pilots about enemy aircraft’s; photos by war correspondent Boger

Pictures of Orel by Oka; photos by war correspondent Rheinlaender

German pilots inspecting a knocked out T-34; photo by war correspondent Rheinlaender

Neisse and Bad Landeck