Luftflotte West 1943 07 23 nr 29 (PDF)




Set ablaze and sinking – large British transport ship of 20000 BRT attacked by German bombers; drawing by war correspondent Mueller-Gera

“Freidrich” crew answers no more; story by war correspondent Harald Jansen, photo by Lengwenings

Big British ship, Duchess’ class, set ablaze; photo by Hptm. Huesslein

Battle on the East Front, German armor in have fighting around Bjelograd-Orel; photos by war correspondents: bueschel, Horton, Maltry, Mayer, Mittelstaedt, Trapp and Zeymer

In pontoon boat at Algiers – Sea rescue saves shot-down crew coming from their long recon mission; story by war correspondent Harald Jansen, drawing by Mueller-Gera

The land of Basks; drawings by Hauptmann Mueller-Gera

Brave women of Luftwaffe communication group decorate (Luftnachrichten-Helferinnen); photos by war correspondent Spieth

Shillers house in Marbach a.N.; drawings by war correspondent Escher — Dog Ingo on a long ship voyage; photo by war correspondent Garms

Oberstleutnant Hrabak decorated

Pictures of German farmers at work