Luftflotte West 1943 07 16 nr 28 (PDF)




Der E-Messer – the range finder; photo by war correspondent

German fighter pilots watching over the British Channel – 14 victories in one hour; Leutnant Wurmheller achived his 75th victory on June 28th; German FW 190 attacking B-17 planes; story by war correspondent Harry Gehm, phoyos by Guentzel and Zwirner, drawing by Leutnant Moeller

5 men and a cannon – German A/A crew operating a cannon, a photo of a barrel change out; photos by war correspondent Boger

Tiger tanks on production line; photo of Panther and Tiger tanks ready for front delivery; photos by war correspondent Hebenstreit

Celebrating 1000th reconnaissance mission; Me 109 and soldiers celebrating on a small train; photos by war correspondent Hagen and Bankhardt

The weapon wisdom: Gotfried Leibinz, Immanuel Kant, Johan Wolfgang Goethe, General Karl von Clausewitz, Wilhelm von Humbolrt, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Robert Koch, Robert Mayer, Hermann Helmholtz, Ernst Abbe, Professor Hugo Junkers, Professor Messerschmidt, Ferdinand Porsche, Max, Planck

A photo of a Norwegian mountain village in a story by Marie Hamsun

A list of winners of a recent competition: 2nd and 3rd place to Gefr. Wolfgang Gerster and Uffz. Georg Schmauss

Das Bauernlied by Hermann Claudius

A birth of a baby from Munich; text by Ogefr. Max Rackl

A photo of knocked-out T-34 turrent number 213; photo by war correspondent Scheerer