Luftflotte West 1943 05 28 nr 21 (PDF)




During the flight home the crew indulges in the supplies; photo by war correspondent Roeder — Major Bradel died a heroes death; full page report by war correspondent Heinz Schoenen, photo by Spieth

Search light 2 – ON!; text by Oblt. Erich Meinke; photo by war correspondent Hoess

Fighter pilot training at Biscayan, a story of A Fw190 pilot in Russia; photos by war correspondent Schoedl, Grosse and Speck

“Puffed Up watchmen – barrage ballons; photos by war correspondents Meinhold, Morocutti, Hoess

Fight of our Africans (DAK) ; text by Major Dr. Ehmer, photo by war correspondent Nowak

What a soldiers needs to know by Walter Sagitz

Aud der Wildbahn ( wilderness ), text by Hermann Loens

Warnung (Warning) poem by Hermann Loens

10,000th plane brought down by Flak

Poem by Gefr. Gerhardt

One from the 88 AA gun crew is sowing his socks; photo by war correspondent Seuffert

Italian planes Re 2001 actively attacking allied forces; Bitter fighting at Ladoga Sea; photo by war correspondent Ebert

Photo of Stuttgart