Luftflotte West 1943 04 02 nr 13 (PDF)




Ready for a night mission; photo by war correspondent Speck

“Get out! Quick! – heavily damaged Do 217 returns safely from a mission over England; text by war correspondent Heinz Schoenen, photos by Hofmann, Jacobsen and Ohmayer

Freie Jagd – Free Aerial Hunting by German FW 190 squadron over the Canal; photos by war correspondents Genzler, Kulbe and Schmidt

Stukas taking off in dark night; photos by war correspondent Jakob

Blood and tear: soviet atrocities on civilians; text by Siegfried Kappe

Bismarck and the English

Painting by Pieter Bruegel

Major Joachim Muencheberg has fallen; photo by war correspondent Rothkopf

Photos from homeland