Luftflotte West 1943 03 26 nr 12 (PDF)




Hitler studying the front maps of the East Front
German Flak in the Mediterranean; photos by war correspondents Seuffert, Doege and Kreutzer
Early Spring activities on the East Front, Charkow; text by war correspondent Victor Schuller, photos by Haustein, Fenske, King, Koltzenburg, Reissmueller and Zschaeckel
20 years of Italian Airforces; text by General der Flieger Quade
U-boot crew, who they are
What are the bolshevists fighting for?; text by Hauptmann Dr. Bruno Brehm; photos by war correspondents v. Pebal, Brandlein, Juette, Mayer u. Seidat
Hitler with Manstein and Richthofen
Major Hans Philipp
Cleaning one of the A/A reflectors; photo by war correspondent Doege
Frankfurt am Main