Luftflotte West 1943 03 12 nr 10 (PDF)



On cover: the creator of FW 190: Professor Dipl. Ing. Tank
More on Professor Tank; photos by war correspondent Walther
Great Vigilance; text by Major Dr. Ehmer (OKW.)
Fallen over England: ” We fly against England, and with us flies death!”; text by war correspondent Guenther Niemeyer, photos by war correspondents Ohmeyer and Speck
Remembering the fallen heroes (Heldengedenktag 1943); photos by war correspondents Roeder, Ganzler and Reimers
Winter fighting on the eastern front; photos by war correspondents Liedtke, Maerz, Ohmayer, Schubert Sieder and Zwirner
General der Flieger Korten
To sweat or to be quiet; text by Heiner Feldmeyer
Generalmajor Koller
Photos from homeland