Luftflotte West 1943 02 12 nr 06 (PDF)



Woman at work; photo by Heinkel-Werkfoto … No.1: one “Whitely” – first air victory for a young Ju88 crew over the Atlantic Ocean; story by war correspondent Hans. -A. Kestner, photo by Lengwennings und Speck … 5 enemy fighters could not bring down his Do 217 over London; story by war correspondent Helmut Jacobsen … Tank-Alarm – combat stories from the German AT units on all fronts; photos by war correspondents Koltzenburg, Liedke, Reimers, Stocker and Zwirner … How bombs are made; photos by war correspondent Hebenstreit … Women help to win; photos by Heinkel Werkfotos and war correspondent Lengwenings … A/A position somewhere on the east front; photo by war correspondent Koster – 16 pages