Luftflotte West 1943 02 05 nr 05 (PDF)



Major Priller standing in front of his FW 190, from JG 26, explains the lates combat engagement to his fellow pilots; photo by war correspondent Doege … Arno Breker: Kameraden … Stalingrad: the finale … Reconnaissance planes on the East Front; FW 189; photos by war correspondent Ohmayer and Grosse … Various pictures from Tunisian front: Ju 52 bringing supplies, Fallschirmjaeger getting water, German soldier sharing a cigarette with a British soldier, German 88s; photos by war correspondent Arppe, Grosse, Hielscher, Jacobi, Moosmueller, Schnitzer and Warner … The lives of people in Russia by Heinrich Zillich; photos by war correspondent Dietrich and Hagen … The battle with Mongolians at Liegnitz in 1241: Germany the European bulwark against the East Volks … A Prussian Leonidas by Hans Franck … Mountain comrade by Gustav Schroer … German soldiers arrange for a symbolic meeting of Stalin, Rossevelt and Churchill in Russian snow; photo by war correspondent Zwirner … German troops on the east front; photo by war correspondent Wacker … Recent war developments … Ulmer Muenster – 16 pages