Luftflotte West 1942 07 24 nr 29 (PDF)



German radio crew, wearing Telefunk headsets, at work with Peiler; photo by war correspondent Rompel
With luminary bombs over British convoy: Ju88 crew in night combat; text by war correspondent Robert Vaeth, photos by Gentsch, Lengwennings and Ohmayer
German radio crews guiding planes in bad weather; text by war correspondent Hans – A. Kestner; photos by Rompel and Kestner
Self sufficient: German air force personnel working the land in the Western Europe; photos by war correspondent Raeder, Spieth and Doelfs
Forwards over Donez and Don; photos by war correspondent Schubert and Funck
German airmen having fun with a donkey; photos by war correspondent Roder
Der Siegelring von Eirol; text by Wilhelm Schaefer
Abgeblitz; anecdote by Hans Fransk
Poem by Hauptmann Ludwig Nies
German pilots diving in the water; photo by war correspondent Schuhmann
Photo of a tanker burning somewhere on the East Coast
German DAK soldiers inspecting a knocked-out British tank from the 8th Army
Homeland photos; Koblenz and St. Goarshausen