Luftflotte West 1942 07 03 nr 26 (PDF)



Last check of the search light before dusk; photo by war correspondent Stoepfgrshoff
Condor defends and brings a stranded U-Boat home; text by war corespondent Hans-A. Kestner, drawings by Duch, photos by SperlingĀ  The eye of our Flak (A/A); daily duties by the search lights battery; photos by war correspondents Mayer and Stopfgeshoff
20 Spitfires in seven days – Sepp Wurmheller, his good Phipp; text by war correspondent Hans Graewe; photos by Boecker and drawings, after interviewing Ofw. Wurmheller, by Moeller
From Tobruk to Marsa Matruk: the victory of Axis troops in Africa
How the wars were reported a few hundreds years ago
German girls entertain wounded soldiers; story by Herbert Kurzbach German 8,8 cm gun in combat on the east front; photo by war correspondent Kipper