Luftflotte West 1942 06 26 nr 25 (PDF)



Returning home: this light German Fighter, Me109, is very successful in surprise attacks on English land and sea targets; photo by war correspondent Boback
Do214, daylight bombing mission over middle England; text by war correspondent Guenter Hoenicke, photos by Hoenicke and Jacobsen The Channel Dread – light German fighters (Me109), fitted with bombs, in mission against England; text by war correspondent Karl Klaus Krebs, photos by Boback
Obergefr. H. shoots down a British Wellington bomber with his machine gun; text by war correspondent Guenther Niemeyer
German communication crew, armed with rifles and a machine gun, shoots down a Spitfire; text by war correspondent Georg Liebe, photo by war correspondent Schoedl
Fight for Sewastopol; photos by war correspondents Horter and Weber Railroads and electricity, specialty from France
Der Glockelkrieg by Hans Watzlik, drawing by Obergefr. KrullĀ  Schwaebische Anekdoten
Soldiers fishing; photo by Oblt. Mueller
Tobruk in German hands
Rommel and Kesselring; photo by war correspondent Oppitz
Photos from Homeland: Schiller’s house in Schoenen; Kepler