Luftflotte West 1942 06 19 nr 24 (PDF)



16 pages
City of Bath after German retaliatory bombing
Der Pilzkopf – Mushroom-Head long range recon squadron over England, “Pilzkopfstaffel”; text and photos by war correspondent H. Jung
LN-Abteilung – German signal corp at work; photos by war correspondent Schubert
German planes attack an allied convoy on the North Sea; photos by war correspondent Hebenstriet
Victor of 34 engagement over the Chanel: Hauptmann Seifert; story by war correspondent Oskar Peter Brandt; photos by Genzler
Norwich and Exeter attacked
Air warfare a few hundreds years ago
Poems: Feldwache by Obergefr. Robert Schmidt, Fliegertod by Oblt. Friedrich von Vangerow