Luftflotte West 1942 06 12 nr 23 (PDF)



Captivated by the air battle: two ground personnel members observing FW 190 dueling Spitfire; photo by war correspondent Rothkopf
Allied aerial onslaught beaten back by brave German fighter pilots; Ofw. Wurmheller enjoying his first cigarette after bitter fighting; Hauptman Priller, Oberleutnant Schnell, Mayer, Rudoerfer, Leie, Pflanz, Hauptman Hah, Muencheberg
Another enemy plane brought down – German heavy A/A artillery on the northern French coast; photos by war correspondent Eisenhart, Hornung, Kreutzer and Langer
British commando raid on St. Nazaire on 4th of June beaten back, photos of captured commandos, their weapons and interrogation
Air battler over French Coast; drawings by war correspondent Mueller-Gera, photos by Boeker and Genzler
What a soldier must know
Knopf und Krag by Georg von der Vring
Poem by Uffz. Siegfried Land
General Dietl and Mannerheim
Photos from Homeland