Luftflotte West 1942 06 05 nr 22 (PDF)



After a British raid on Paris; photo by war correspondent Schoedl
One night of Flak (A/A) activity: wrecks of shot down allied machines; Gilbert’s Reply; text by war correspondent Carl Hofmann, photos by Schoedl
Scrap iron (parts of allied planes) for the Hermann Goering collection; testing allied plane pats by German specialists; photos by war correspondents Lysiak and Poland
Young air force – Croatian airmen; General Kren; photos by war correspondent von Pebal
“Nix Madagaskar – hier Deutschland”: true story of French peasants capturing an English flier; text by war correspondent Hans Theodor Wagner, drawings by Bernhardt
On French coasts: Bretagne and Norman
Der Kippkaren – wagons in France; photo by war correspondent Trapp — Hans Jakob Christoph von Grimmelshausen: Simplizissimus in Westfallen; drawings by Obergefr. Krull
Photo of a very tall and small soldier by war correspondent Jacobsen German tank in North Africa; photo by war correspondent Valtingojer — photo of a German village