Luftflotte West 1942 02 20 nr 07 (PDF)



Damaged Copy — German warship during Channel with its fighter escort; drawing by war correspondent Sommer — OKW reports from 13 and 15 February describing the Channel Dash as success — Large portrait of Luftflotte West Flottenchef — The way through the desert: eventful trek home of a German Lieutenant who was shot down in North Africa; text by war correspondent Ludwig von Danwitz, photos by Gressler — German transport fleet on all fronts; text by war correspondent Otto Paust, photos by Karnath, Jesse, Sperling, Trapp and Ulrich — Sunk on the way to England… drawings of German war artists: war correspondent Mueller-Gera and Recksiegel — Funny squadrons emblems (Staffelschilder) — The soldier’s devotion; text by Leutnant Haaser, photo by war correspondent Lengwennings — Der Smaragd; text by Paul Ernst — Winter am Kanal; poem by Feldwebel Franz Breitenfellner — Gleiches Recht fuer Alle; text by Ludwig Baete — Luftflotte West contest: “Augen auf im fremden Land” — Funeral of Reichsminister Dr. Todt — Photos from Homeland