Luftflotte West 1941 10 17 nr 41 (PDF)



Job well done: with a single bomb this soviet freighter is set ablaze; photo by war correspondent Grosse
Knight Cross recipient Oberfeldwebel Buehligen from Granschuetz and Oberfeldwebel Wurmheller from Hausham
88’s laying barrage fire; heavy A/A battery by the Canal; photos by war correspondents Doelfs, Krippans and Lysiak
Hunting ships on the Black Sea; photos by war correspondent Grosse  General Dietl’s heavy artillery – the He 111’s, Petsamo; story by war correspondent Bohlscheid, drawing by Sommer, photo by Stempka  Vorwards to final victory in the East; photo by war correspondent Hirz  Mundelsheim am Necker by Otto Rombach
Pilots playing chess; photo by war correspondent Kunstmann
German soldier sharing a cigarette with a Finnish woman; photo by war correspondent Stempka
Captured soviet artillery pieces at Wjasma and Brjansk; photo by war correspondent Jaeger