Luftflotte West 1941 08 29 nr 34 (PDF)



Enemy convoy in sight; photo by war correspondent Dressler
Goering with his pilots who operated on the Atlantic coast; photos by war correspondent Sperrling
Attack on both sides – Condor planes and U-boots hunting British convoys; story by war correspondent Ehrmann, photos by Breu
By our comrades on the east front; photos by war correspondents Erichsen, Pilz, Rummel
Those were our Stukas – photos showing the extensive damaged done by German Stukas bombings on the soviet territory
A marriage ceremony in Brittany; Treguier Cathedral; story by Kurt Biebrach
The importance of the Feldpost – the German military post service; photos by war correspondents Kipper and Meyer
What each soldier should know
A look at Passau
A soldier and his dog; photo by Uffz. Hentschel
A Feldmarschall visiting one of the Luftwaffe Lazarette; photo by Kurth