Luftflotte West 1941 08 01 nr 30 (PDF)



16 pages
Jagdflieger – Fighter pilot before start; photo by war correspondent Grosse
German pilots decorated in the Fuehrers’ headquarter: Oberstleutnant Galland, Major Oessau, Major Storp, Oberleutnant Baumbach
The biggest British air offensive during the 23rd and 24th of July in the area of Calais-Ostende; shod down British planes were falling down like rain drops; story by war correspondent Hermann Weninger
Looking over the British Channel with long range camera; photos by war correspondent Kuhn
What the reconnaissance plane sees
German Roland’s
Pilots playing chess on a bomb container; photo by war correspondent Klotzenburg
Stukas hit an armored soviet train at Beresina