Luftflotte West 1941 05 30 nr 21 (PDF)



16 pages
The radio man on board; photo by war correspondent Trapp
Me110 back from combat for the 110th time; radio station at Dover; photos by war correspondent Dietrich, Kuhn and Trapp
The Heinkle comes through!; story by war correspondent Fritz KrauseĀ  Hunting British shipping lanes; San Maura, Tobruk, Nordsee-MordseeĀ  What each soldier ought to know – the enemy always listens
Pause in fighting in desert oases; photos by war correspondent Sturm Was in the Mediterranean Sea
Collage of daily Luftwaffe pictures by war correspondents Amphlett, Brieke, Ketelhohn, Kling, and Ogfr. Scholl
Rhein at Bingen
German planes over Athen