Luftflotte West 1941 04 18 nr 15 (PDF)



Our Fuehrer is now 52 years old … Hitler among his soldiers
The Balkan campaign; Strumatal, Belgrad, Greece; photos by war correspondents Kappe and Roth
Low level attacks on English targets; text by war correspondent Erwin Kirchhof
Colorful Balkans; Mostar, Ueskuep, Piraeys
Obstacle race organized by a Luftwaffesquadron; photos by war correspondent Kunstmann
Alarm in Schlesier-Baude (Silesian); photos by war correspondent Horster
Castle ruins Vionden in Luxemburg; Anton Gabele tells the story
Ju 52 with supplies for the African troops
A soldier drinking wine on his break; photo by war correspondent Blaschka
Braunau am Inn