Luftflotte West 1941 04 11 nr 14 (PDF)



Eastern Bunnies; photo by war correspondent Koltzenburg … Battleground of southern Europe
Bombing Bristol; one Ju 88 comes home with only one engine working, shot up fuel lines and no radio; a photo of Pater-Noster-Square in London after German bombing; story by war correspondent Hans Weiss
We are attacking – German plane hunting allied ships; story and photos by war correspondent Wilhelm Brandt
Numerous pictures of Luftwaffe’s four-legged friends; photos by war correspondents Blaschka, Brieke, Eisemann, Joergensen, Koltzenburg, Martin, Reimers and Scholz
We are marching in to Yugoslavia and Greece
Pilots playing soccer; photo by war correspondent Wanderer
German motorized column in North Africa