Luftflotte West 1941 03 21 nr 11 (PDF)



Two good friends, a pilot and a young lion Rabauke; photo bu war correspondent Brieke
German and Italian planes mount one of the biggest attacks on Malta; the airfield Luca destroyed; text and photos by war correspondent K. Holzhausen
In between landing in the desert; meeting with the Italian colonial troops
Up close pictures of German airman heading for England; photos by war correspondent Breu
Roll call and inspection at the Luftwaffe base; photos by war correspondent Kunstmann and Schubert
Two bombs – two hits: surprising rendezvous in the Atlantic; German crew celebrating with a champagne; burning tanker which was attacked on 1.3.41; text and story by war correspondent Ludwig v. Danwitz
Artis Franz Gruss shows paintings of German airmen
German pilot catches fish for dinner
Die Luegenente – caricatures of Churchill
Barbarossa – a story by Friedrich Forster
A crewman drinking Schnaps; photo by war correspondent Bruening  General der Flieger Jeschonnek with a long range recon crew