Luftflotte West 1940 09 26 nr 37 (PDF)



Before a flight to England
The Great Hit, story of a German aerial attack on a British convoy; by war correspondent Ludwig v. Danwitz; drawing by Chomton
Luftwaffes engineers; photos by war correspondent Melichar, Juette
A night in a communication cart; story of a German signal group coordinating a night attack on London; by war correspondent Adam Nothhelfer; photos by war correspondent Pilz, Boger and Grosse
German Flak on the Atlantic coast; photos by war correspondent Goericke, Greiner and Wiedemann
Pictures of burning London,
Pilots’ Animals, photos by war correspondent Amphlett, Dietrich, Grosse, Klose, Kuntsmann and Striemann
Im Schicksalssturm by E.G. Kolbenheyer
The Brave Taylor by Walter Kruppa
York by Hjalmar Kutzler
General Ritter von Greim visiting one of his squadrons
Major Moelders with 40 victories; photo by Kriegsberichter Dietrich