Luftflotte West 1940 08 29 nr 33 (PDF)



16 pages
On cover: one of the ground personnel; drawing by Chomton
German M-110 Haifischen(Sharks) protecting the Stukas; story by Benno Wundshammer, photos by Goebel, Klose and Grosse
Generalmajor Suren visits one of the Signal Corp units (Fernsprechbautrupp); story by Richter; photos by Richter, Boger, Pilz and Luebbert
The men on ground work with steadiness, story and photos of planes service personnel by Hans Caratiola, photos by Klose, Ritter, Karnath, Grosse and Goericke
Pictures of England under attack; Gallian, Engel and Spieth
Die Mundharmonika by Waldemar Bonsels
Trampel by Gefr. Max Rackl
Poem Wache by Franz Peter Lutz
A night in a tower by Joerg Ritzel
HQ of a flying group (Fliegerkorps); photo by Dietrich Werden-Felser Land