Luftflotte Sued 1944 06 11 nr 30 (PDF)



28 pages
Comrades – sculpture by Arno Breker
Quote by Adolf Hitler
Large photo of a Fallschirmjaeger by war correspondent Czirnich
Hard fighting on the southern front; Generalfeldmarschall Frhr. v. RIchthofen with Major Goetz; Oberst Sonnenberg and his Flak regiment; photos by war correspondent Rauchwetter, Luben, Paulsen
Oblt. H. receives a devastating AA hit on his FW 190, with a big hole and no canopy he makes it home safely; drawing by Adolph
Hauptmann Walther in his FW 190 as a fighter bomber; drawing by war correspondent Guhl
Eichenlaubtraeger Oberst Sigel; his portrait by Major Datan; General der Flieger Ritter von Pohl, Oberst I. G. Christ; text by war correspondent Kieffer
Our storks (Stoerche), Major Doelling and Jaehne; photos by Uffz. Blumenthal and Freytag
Luftwaffe Berge Batallion (mountain); Major Delius
Two pilot0generations: Oberstleutnant Koenig and his son Oberleutnant Koenig; text by war correspondent Kieffer
The brotherly hand; text by D. Hollatz, drawings by Kurt Stender
Minners bannt den Tod; text by Werner Granville Schmidt, drawings by Nilsson General und Unteroffizier; text by H. Kranz, drawings by Graziano
Der Steisslinger Forellenfang; text by Georg Schmueckle, drawings by Helmut Georg
Galileo Galilei, Nikolaus Kopernikus; text by F.v. Krbek
Flowery Rivera; text by Ernst Glaeserw, photos by war correspondent Freytag Zuenftige Liebe
Humor (cut out)
Meersburg am Bodensee, poem by Friedrich Theodor Vischer