Luftflotte Sued 1944 04 23 nr 25 (PDF)



30 pages
Niccolo Machiavelli by Antonio del Pllajuolo
A quote by Adolf Hitler — Photo of a young truck driver by war correspondent Freytag
Flak protects Italian west coast: Oberleutnant Nord, Flak regiment commander; photos by war correspondents Loechterfeld, Karl bayer, Kohlroser
Fallschirmjaeger at the Cassion Front; photos by war correspondent Beuschel, Hegert and Schneiders
American bomber crews captured on the Italian front, Lieutenant P. from St. Louis; photos by war correspondent Karl Bayer
German sea planes on Italian coast; Arado 196, photos by war correspondent Paulsen
Englands demonic destiny, text by Hans E. Friedrich, drawings by A. Paul Weber -Angela and Peter, text by ALix Rohde-Liebenau, drawings by Kolnberger
The painters war by Eduard Thorn, drawings by Gefr. Georg
Luises and Lenas surprise; text by Hans Carossa, drawing by Uffz. Stender Machiavelli by Professor Dr. Karl Brandi-Goettingen
The son the water the ladies
Humor; drawing by Fr. Bilek
Large photo of Elfie Mayerhofer
Limburg an der Lahn 18 pages + 1 insert