Luftflotte Sued 1944 03 05 nr 18 (PDF)




28 pages
Ikarus by Fritz Reuter; Day of the Luftwaffe — Quote by Alfred Krupp — Der Geschuetzfuehrer (gun commander); photo by war correspondent Rauchwetter — Luftflotte in combat at Nettuno, Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring with Generalfeldmarschall Frhr. v. Richtofen; General der Flieger Ritter v. Pohl with Oberst I. G. Christ and Oberst Sigel, Fw 190 in attack; photos by war correspondent Wiedemann, Freytag and Bayer — The Flak fights at the Aprilia front; photos by war correspondent Freytag and Kohlroser — Recon planes over the Nettuno – Anzio front, photo of the Anzio port, Hauptmann Proll; text by war correspondent Oskar Peter Brandt, photos by Rauchwetter — Luftwaffe soldiers searching and controlling traffic in Italy, Obersleutnant Rosenkranz; photos by war correspondent Dassler — Vom Teufel Geholt; text by G.V. Otten, drawings by Ernst Harnisch — Sein Ruhm; text by Eugen Roth, drawing by Uffz. Stender — Kameradschaft, text by Hans Franck, drawing by Uffz. Stender — Napoleon – the man of the people, text by Joh. Sporschil, drawings by Charlet — Der Brunnen; text by H. Fuerstenberg, drawings by Fw. Landau — At the limits of stratosphere ; text by Karl Cornelius — The dream of flying; text by Hermann Kohl — Cagliostro — Land and the people of Groedner-Tal, Professor Pitscheider; text and photos by war correspondent Ludwig Doering — Poem by Rudolf G. Binding