Luftflotte Sued 1944 02 20 nr 16 (PDF)



A drummer and a flute player – wood art by Niklas Stoer — Quote by Feldmarschall Bluecher — Artillery battery’s commander receives orders by field phone at the Aprilia Front; photo by war correspondent Koltzenburg — Flak (A/A) guns in combat at Aprilia; road sign for Nettunia and Littoria; light and heavy Flak in action; Generalleutnant Pfeiffer with Generalmajor Krziwanek; text by war correspondent Wilhelm Zarske, photos by war correspondent Koltzenburg, Rauchwetter, Freytag — German fighter-bombers attacking allied shipping at Nettuno-Anzio front; photos by war correspondent Freytag — Fallschirmjager with mules bringing up supplies; text by war correspondent Dr. Karlheinz Richter, photos by Seeger — Die Begegnung – text by Eberhard Moes, drawings by Uffz. Stender — A story by Heinrich Binder — Winnetou – text by Velten Rolves, drawings by Fw. Landau — Die Tochter des Ismail by Friedrich Wallisc — Der ueberaus guetige Vater by Hjalmar Kutzleb — The Italian opera: Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, Puccini — Siena — Pictures of ladies, comics and crossword puzzle — Poem by Friedrich Hoelderlin