Luftflotte Sued 1944 02 06 nr 14 (PDF)



The battle with dragon; painting by Raffael Sanzio — Quote by Dr. Goebbels — Winter photo of Fallschirmjager with MG on his shoulder; photo by war correspondent Seeger — Various photos of German soldiers on duty; text and photos by war correspondent Ludwig Doering — Fallschirm-Pioniere am Feind – German paratroopers-engineers at work; photos by war correspondent Luben, Schneiders, Schnitzer and Gross — Building bombs in a factory; photos by war correspondent Hebenstreit — Franz von Assisi — Leiningens Kampf mit den Ameisen; text by G. Stephenson, drawings by W.E. Puerschel — Das Tor zur Liebe; text by Friedrich Prokosch, drawing by Walter Preiss — The ideas behind Europe’s struggle; text by Hans E. Friedrich — Assisi — Photos of German ladies: Monika Burg, Ruth Buchardt, Heli Finkenzeller — Humor — Walsertal; photo by Dr. Paul Wolf