Luftflotte Sued 1944 01 16 nr 11 (PDF)



The ascend of Montgolfierte over Venice in 1783; painting by Francesco Guardi … Quote by J.G. Fichte … Large photo of a gunner (der Geschuetzfuehrer by war correspondent Bruening … Great work by our fighter pilots: air campaign of 28th of December; Ritterkreuztraeger Major Goetz; pictures of shot down American bomber pilots; a patch with a skull with Vignerov JR name above it, bones and propeller; bomber tail number 241256; a picture of damaged Me109; photos by war correspondent Kohlroser and Dassler … Fighting partisans in the mountains; Hauptmann Sepp Prentl, Oberstleutnant Baron von Le Fort, Luftwaffejaeger; photos and text by war correspondent Ludwig Doering … The heads of long reconnaissance squadron: Oberleutnant Hannes Strassmaier, General der Flieger Mahnke … Venice; photos by war correspondents Kohlroser, Hildebrandt and Feruzzi … “The Vow” – story by Werner von der Schulenburg, drawing by Lotte Reiniger and Walter Preiss … German Field-marshal rescues Venice: v.d. Schulenburg … Canaletto … The beautiful ladies of Venice … Poem by Ina Seidel