Luftflotte Sued 1944 01 01 nr 09 (PDF)



Always alert, always ready, drawing by Walter Preiss
Quote by Kurt Eggers
Sculpture by Arno Breker
Fighter and fighter-bombers in action (FW190): Ritterkreuztraeger Major Bennemann, Hauptmann Walther, Leutnant Reinert; text by war correspondent Oskar Peter Brandt, photos by Ritter, Rauchwetter, Kolztzenburg and Bauer
Celebrating New Year; photos by war correspondent Haupt, Afi
The black guild: Oberst von Alten, ground personnel working on planes; photos by war correspondents Bauer, Linden, Ketelhohn, Rheinlaender, Dassler
Morale and conduct: Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring in Fallschirmjaeger headquarters with Ritterkreuztraeger Generalleutnant Heidrich Berich; story by war correspondent Anton Weber, photos by Seeger and Schuseil
Mighty Flak is everywhere; Oberst Mueller-Andriessen; photos by war correspondents Preis, Karl Bayer, Gross, Doering, Uff. Sperk
Alps: passes, valleys and peaks; text by Karl Koch
Borromini – the architect of Baroque; text by Hans E. Friedrich
“Heart in Flames” – story by Will Vesper, drawing by Martin Guhl (Fallschirmjaeger)
The sky-blue bullet; text by Walter Perisch, drawing by Kurt Stender … Doctor Dannemanns and his insight; text by Wolfgang Dederau; drawings by Martin Guhl
“The face behind the bars”; story by Georg von der Vring, drawings by Kurt Stender
Pretty backs… can also delight
Poem by Friedrich Wilhelm Weber