Luftflotte Sued 1943 10 26 nr 01 (PDF)



Der Condottiere Colleoni … Quote by Albert Matthei … Die commander of the Luftflotte Sued (Air Fleet South): Generalfeldmarschall Dr. Ing. Freiherr von Richthofen … Ravenna and Verona, The bridge Costello Vecchio, Basilica San Zeno Maggiore … Various photos: Fallschirmjaeger reloading ammuntion belts with rounds, German soldiers in Pisa, eating grapes by the sea, Flak in position, Generalfeldmarschall Frh. von Richthofen, shortly after his 48th birthday, attending his troops, Oak Leafs recipient Lt. Reinert exiting his plane, Oberst Frh. v. Maltzahn with Major Schnell and Major Schoepfel discussing the front situation, Major Kluemper- commander of torpedo-plane wing, receives his Knight Cross, Oblt. Jente, wing commander of torpedo planes with over 100,000 BRT (tonnage of enemy ship sunk) with German Cross in Gold, Iron Cross First Class, Gold Frontflugspange and Finnish Freedom Cross (Finnisches Freiheitskreuz); photos by war correspondents Bankhardt, Luetzow, Reissmueller, Ufz. Sperk … Der Kommandierende General (commanding General) Buelowius taking pictures, Ritterkreuztraeger Oblt. Dinger has fallen after a British bomber attack, Me-109 pilots In Italy are ready for new combat shortly after the airfield is again operational; photos by war correspondents Reissmueller and Luetzow … Historic hours in Rome: Fallschirmjaeger secure important targets around Rome; photos by war correspondent Karl Bayer … Beautiful Germany, photos from different regions, Tangermuende … Angriff der rasenden Pferde; story by Alexander Keller … Nameless helpers of our pilots: ground support personnel at work; photos by war correspondent Preiss and Luetzow … Photos of German soldiers bathing, doing laundry, enjoying music and eating; photos by war correspondents Preiss, Luetzow, Bayer and Weissert … poem by Walter Flex