Luftflotte Sudost 1941 05 20 nr 10 (PDF)



General Lohr, recently promoted to Generaloberst, and General Korten, recently decorated with Knight Cross, in briefing
Victory in Balcans; photos by Beier, Roeder and Wundshammer
Heer and Luftwaffe crossing Donau; armored vehicle “Houx”; story by Klaus-Ulrich Henning, photos by Jesse, Wurm, Schroeder and KoppeĀ  Capturing a Serbian airfield; photos by Kudicke and Kappe
First Luftschutz drill in Bucharest; photos by Wahner
German soldiers witnessing Easter celebrations in Romania; photos by Wahner, Tuellner and Kassmann
Flak drill in Romania; photos by Seeger
Folklore from Boehmen and Maehren; photos by Halleger-Kloeppel, Franz Lerch, Scherl-Bilderdienst, Stibor
General Radetzky; story by Professor Emerich Schaffran
Short reports by Obergefr. Aglas and Feldw. Panosch who is also pictured in a photo plying instruments with Feldwebel Walcher and Unteroffizier Steiner
Water for the Afrikakorps