Luftflotte Nordost 1944 05 02 (PDF)



A picture taken by war correspondent Reimers; it showing German defense positions at Narwa. The soldiers are enjoying the blue sky and warm sun rays. One can see their laundry drying on the barb wire … Only the battle will decide; story by Wilhelm Koppen … Ehrentaffel Unser Luftflotte: Hptm. Guenter Hurlin, Hptm. Ernst Parteina, Oblt. Friedrich Busch, Oblt. Guenther Nothnick, Faenrich Irmfried Weihrauch, Uffz. Karl Bittner, Uffz. Walter Schiedeck … Fighter-bomber squadrons on the front; Ritterkreuztraeger Obstlt. Kuhlmey in action at Pleskau; Major Nordmann with Hptm, von Bargen, Oberst Kuehl; photos by war correspondents Zwirner, Kroener, Doege … Fighter-bombers hit their targets; photos by war correspondents Markwardt, Zwirner, Doege … The men with nerves of steel – attacking soviet rail system; story by war correspondent Meyer-Wrekk … Jagdflieger – German fighter pilots; Lt. Kittel; photos by war correspondent Karl Hagens … Flak regiment 182 – Oberst Moeschke; story by war correspondent Hanfland; photos by Reimers … Another world, Oberfeldwebel P. and his story on the North-east front; story by Horst Moennich with Drawings by Hans Mueller … Chronik der Luftflotte: Hauptmann Horst Ademeit, Hauptmann Reusch Lohn and Ansporn, Leutnant Baeuerle, Uffz. Goestel, Oberfeldwebel Panke, Hauptmann Sell … Soldiers talk to the youth about the war; stories in publications “Hilf mit!” and “Deutsche Jugendburg” … Artistic drawings by Unteroffizier Hans Walter Zimmermann … Fidelio – German in Riga; story and pictures by war correspondent Lossnitzer and Ludwig Schmidt … Pictures of kids … Letters to the Luftflotte … Field mail with effect by Gefr. Josef Grund … Unser Soldatenlied … Handwriting tells it all … Mather, kids and small geese; photo by A. Ploesser