Luftflotte Nord 1943 12 01 nr 22 (PDF)



Light AA gun protecting German positions by the Nord Sea; photo by war correspondent Zimmer … Generalmajor Ernst August Roth receives his Knight Cross; photo by war correspondent Antonowitz … The conference in Moscow and Stalin’s victory; text by Major Dr. Ehmer (OKW.) … Enemy convoy reported, German fighter pilots in action on the North Sea; photos by war correspondent Janz … In the land of penguins, somewhere between Oslo and Tromsoe, German sea planes BV 138 in action; by war correspondent Hans-Joachim Volland … Defense and counter attack on the East Front; photos by war correspondents Stoepfgeshof and Boehmer and SS war correspondent Ohlemacher … Comrades tell their story: Uffz. Hans Rohland, Uffz. Walter Buettner, Uffz. Walter Kaden … Strengthen Reich Air Defense, Goering inspections in southern and western Germany; photos by war correspondents Freytag (Wb), Eitel-Lange, SS war correspondent Heiss (Wb) … German pilots enjoying comforts of the Northern Front; phots by war correspondent Janz … A girl named Li; story by war correspondent E. Wenzel … German convoy in the North; photo by Ogfr. Fritz Bruecher … Knight Cross for Ofw. Kelbch … Tough as a tank; story by Heiner Feldmeyer … Film “Frau Meiner Traeume” with Marika Roekk and Wolfgang Lukschy … This bathtub must be made of clear glass; photo by H. Boerner … Innsbruck