Lorraine Cross 1945 08 27 Vol.1 No.14 (PDF)



Div Returns to Occupation: Category Unchanged; To Police Areas Now Held By 99th & 6th; CP moved to Kitzingen, south of Wuerzburg — Lt. Col Scott is 314th’s New Executive Officer — 75-Plus Pointers Transfer Homeward As Policy Changes — XV Corps Commander Recalls DIv’s Role In Seine Crossing; Robertson, Maj Gen — More about that Atomic Bomb; Hanford Engineer Works, near Pasco, Washington — Units given another big pass quota for Paris and England — 79th granted first GI passes for ROme; Six to make journey: Jerome J. Healy, Michael Fratangelo, Ralph A. Mele, Virgil N. Rennuli, Jacob Heimbinger, Anthony J. Spina — Sports: How Pete Gray fields a ground ball — 79th’s tennis aces do OK at Wimbledon: Sgt John Woods and Sgt Marion Shane — New Movies include a couple of bingos — Miss Lace in television debut — Male Call by Caniff — more — 4 pages — Format: 35.7 x 28cm or 13 7/8 x 11 inches