Lorraine Cross 1945 07 14 Vol.1 No.8 (PDF)



Move and Countermove: Mike Company of the 314th Infantry in Schiebenhardt … One Year Ago at Ay River … Three Interrogators Processed Over 35,000 Kraut Cage Customers; by T/4 Sam B. Lyons: First Lieutenant Richard H. Paepcke, of Brooklyn,N.Y., T/3 Lothar L. Weinberg, of New York, N.Y., and T/5 Eric H. Bondy, of Lenox, Mass … Metternich’s Palatial Summer Home Houses 315th Regiment’s Latest CP … How we got this patch: story of the Croix de Lorraine … Death of a village: Czech town of Lidice … Operation Flashpoint, Rhine river crossing … Comic Male Call by Caniff … Crack Kraut 16h Infantry Annihilated Before Vosges by Division’s 313th Regiment … Two Joes, One Tanker Hit Jerry Mortarmen: S/Sgt L.D. Fish of 717th Tank Battalion of Omaha, Neb. and Pvt James T. Alexander, of Porlagsville, Mo take on Germans with a blazing tank