Lorraine Cross 1945 07 07 Vol.1 No.6 (PDF)



Mines, Bridges and Roads Keynoted Drive of 304th Engineer Battalion Across France, Alsace and Germany; by Pvt. Peter D. Marchant

On photo: Sgt. Hugo Tretola working on Division’s communications near Maeseyck, Belgium

79th Signal Company Laid 3,775 Mi. of Wire in Maintaining Perfect Div Communications System During Combat; by Pfc Henry John Henryk

Another DIv ‘First’ Unveiled As Circus Performes for G.I.’s; first division in ETO to sponsor a circus for troops

Division Engineers, Always with Forward Assault Elements, Swept Beaucoup Mines Constructed 59 Bridges in Alsace Alone

Czech and Div Troops in July Fourth Parade

Comic Male Call by Caniff

Sig CO’s SCR 399 in Action; T/5 James Reddington, Port Allegany, Pa., T/5 Willard Booth, Meriden, Ill., T/3 Ivan A. Hoover, Lykens, Pa.