Lorraine Cross 1945 07 07 Vol.1 No.6 (PDF)



Mines, Bridges and Roads Keynoted Drive of 304th Engineer Battalion Across France, Alsace and Germany; by Pvt. Peter D. Marchant … On photo: Sgt. Hugo Tretola working on Division’s communications near Maeseyck, Belgium … 79th Signal Company Laid 3,775 Mi. of Wire in Maintaining Perfect Div Communications System During Combat; by Pfc Henry John Henryk … Another DIv ‘First’ Unveiled As Circus Performes for G.I.’s; first division in ETO to sponsor a circus for troops … Division Engineers, Always with Forward Assault Elements, Swept Beaucoup Mines Constructed 59 Bridges in Alsace Alone … Czech and Div Troops in July Fourth Parade … Comic Male Call by Caniff … Sig CO’s SCR 399 in Action; T/5 James Reddington, Port Allegany, Pa., T/5 Willard Booth, Meriden, Ill., T/3 Ivan A. Hoover, Lykens, Pa.