Lorraine Cross 1945 06 22 Vol.1 No.2 (PDF)



Foret de Parroy, three 79th doughs after heavy fighting east of Luneville … Div Arty’s Guns Sparked Rhine River Crossing … 79th MP Platoon Had Rugged Role in ETO Ratrace; by Pvt. Vincent Thillen: Lt. Lewis G. Rountree, of Okemah, Okla, commander of the 79th MP platoon … Iwo Flag Raiser Goes Back for Moore: Pfc. Ira H. Hayes … Division’s Sudetenland Sector Early Victim of German Greed; by T/4 C. Holmes Wolfe, Jr. … Correspondent Mc Cardell Recalls 313th’s Saga; Regiment’s Deeds at Seine, Belgium Border … Buck Pvts in Pickett are Capts in Combat; by PFC Raymond C. Hutchison … Battle Song Composed On Eve of Rhine Fight by Two Division Doughs: PFC Wiliam Packer from Portlandville, N.Y. and PFC Earl Gayhart ofCanton, O. … John Kelly Won Posthumous CMH in Fort Action … Normandy Briefing: General Eisenhower, Bradley, Wyche and Greer discuss La Haye du Puits attack plans … Persuasive Colonel Argues 2000 Krauts Into Division Cage: Colonnel “Mac”