Lorraine Cross 1945 06 19 Vol.1 No.1 (PDF)



New Leader: Brig. Gen. Leroy H. Watson, formerly Assistant Division Commander of the 29th Division … Hatten, Rittershoffen Engagements Related by UP Correspondent … Normandy to Czechoslovakia: 2800-Mile Dash Across France and Germany Features 79th’s Crack Combat Record in ETO … Newshawk Finds Rhine Crossing Mild After Terrific Shellfire and Saturation Bombardment; by Clinton B. Conger … Extracts from Chief Division Citations; Major General L.T. Wyche … Wehrmacht Deserts Hagenau as Division Paces Alsace Drive … Krauts Caught Napping When 79th Forged Seine Bridgehead … The Beginning … La Haye Du Puits and Lessay … VE Day Finds Division Occupying Valley