Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 12 15 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 12
40 pages

Cover: Artwork by Anthony

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Ten O’clock Aloha by Sgt. Jack Vincent

The Man From Everywhere – Pappy Boyington’s story is an authentic American legend. The chunky pilot fought Japan eight years by Sgt. James Atlee Phillips

Recruits for Reconversion by Sgt. Richard C. Looman

Welcome to ROTA ( Surrendered Sept 2, 1945 ) by Corp. Don Hunt

Moving Force by Sgt. James Atlee Phillips

First Flight for Foss ( Major Joe Foss ) by Lt. J. Davis Scott

Cornell Joins The Corps by Sgt. James Atlee Phillips

We the Marines edited by Pfc. Bill Farrell

First Stop…Stateside by Sgt. Norman Kuhne

Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Betty Anne Creegan

The Dogs Debark ( War Dogs ) by Pfc. Bill Farrell

Casualties List September 11, 1945 to October 10, 1945 – Dead and Missing

The Dope Sheet

Leatherneck Laffs