Leatherneck – Pacific Edition 1945 11 01 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 9

Cover: 170th Anniversary United States Marine Corps – Artwork by Sgt. Fred Lasswell

Articles Inside:

Sound Off

Sidelights by Sgt. Ralph W. Myers

“I’ll Never Forget Him” by SSgt. Jack Slocum

Year of Fulfillment by Joel D. Thacker

Paper Bullets ( Propaganda Leaflets ) by Sgt. Harold Helfer

Capehart’s Conquistadores by Sgt Phillip N. Joachim

Silence on Sugar Loaf

The Eagle and Me by Sgt. Henry Felsen

Weather Birds by Sgt. Norman Kuhne

My Slipstream is Showing by Pfc Rear Gunther Gherkin ( Sgt. Henry Felsen )

Jap puts the finger on the Japs ( Lt. Minoru Wada )

Mud-Busters ( Separate Engineers ) by Sgt. Norman Kuhne

Death For Diana ( Diana Leon Guerrere ) by Cpl. Joseph M. Purcell

Big Baby Blue ( USS Ticonderoga ) by Duane Decker and Stanley Fink

Interlude on Iheya

Spoils of War – Okinawa Leper Colony by Sgt. Ralph Myers

Private ‘Dozer Joe by Capt. John E. Estabrook

We the Marines edited by Pfc. Bill Farrell

Meet Me at the Windsor by Sgt Nolle T. Roberts

Leatherneck Pin-Up Girl – Ann Sothern

Sports edited by Sgt. Ernie Harwell

Gyrene Gyngles

Leatherneck Laffs

The Dope Sheet